It's hard to know where DANIELS ends or begins. Current research on name recognition shows familiar sounds will naturally (perhaps unconsciously) result in likeness and positive feelings. Four guys--three from the south, one a Yankee, all named Daniel--formed a band, and as far as they can tell it was an accident. What could seem like gimmickry or an opportunity, would prove more of a curiosity. If there was any divine intervention, the names were simply in place so they would each be easy to recognize.  For the last three years they've scheduled time to record music together as vacation. This is not a band in the traditional sense. It's less serious. 

Ten years ago was a different story. In June 2005 the quartet traveled to a cabin in the woods of Pine Mountain, GA to record together for the first time. There the Station Myth was born, a name chosen almost arbitrarily. It's gibberish, really, but it was the band's identity and the name of their first record. Self-titled and self-released, they toured the U.S. the next year. 

In 2012 Daniel Bellury and Dan Ryan drove to Athens, AL to stay with Daniel Whitt and record the first full length DANIELS LP, ‘9 Songs’. In 2013 Daniel Fickle would rejoin them, beamed in from his home studio in Portland, OR. Today two of the guys (Fickle & Whitt) are dads. Daniel Whitt is a nationally recognized educator. Daniels Bellury & Fickle own media companies. Dan Ryan is a hypnotherapist in private practice specializing in past life regression. In June 2014 they came together in Alabama for the first time in nearly a decade to record END THEN REPEAT.